Groupe CDMS

Branding strategy x Website design x Brochures

Nowadays, CDMS has more than 60 employees and offers services worldwide.

CDMS is an information technology support company established in 1997 by Chris Symeon. Chris is a computer enthusiast and quickly became a key expert in computer networks in the 1990s. He decided to create his own company and rapidly expanded his service to the United States.

In 2019, drawing on its experience in the hotel industry, CDMS created a branch dedicated to the hotel industry. OTLvision specializes in improving the customer experience.

« A re-energized corporate identity that better reflects what the company has become, and where it’s going. »

« At OTLVISION, we are passionate about the challenges of the customer experience and new technologies. »

Working in partnership with the most innovating start-ups, OTLvision is specialized in the technological integration geared towards the hotel industry. They are able to offer you the best IPTV platforms on the market, as well as high-performance interactive kiosks and digital display solutions.

Our mission is to provide our customers with customized support service, from the content strategy to the roll-out of multizone solutions.