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« Do what is right for your stakeholders. If you are not able to, then your business won’t succeed. » – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a world famous American entrepreneur, sports team owner, best-selling author, television personality, media proprietor, and investor. While one of the main “Shark” investors on the television show Shark Tank, Mark invested into a start-up health company called Ready, Set, Food!, which uses science to help approach making early allergen introduction easy for families everywhere.

We spoke to Mark exclusively about this new company, why it’s so personal to him because of his daughter’s peanut allergy, and the company and their products are changing the world with his guidance and expertise by their side.

« Ready, Set, Food! makes it simple for parents to follow the clinical trials and medical guidelines. It can be very hard to regularly feed babies anything, so Ready, Set, Food! puts the right amount of peanut, egg, and dairy into a powder that dissolves in breastmilk or formula. That way every parent can easily give their baby the best chance at an allergy free future. » – Mark Cuban

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Daniel Zakowski is the co-founder and CEO of Ready Set Food! alongside one of its big investors Mark Cuban, who joined them after they pitched to him on Shark Tank! The company is the first to introduce a system that is safe and easy for parents to gently introduce products to babies via powder packets that get added to a baby’s bottle or food.

“You will be surprised what you can accomplish when you truly believe in yourself.” – Ambyr Childers

Ambyr Childers is a popular actress from various TV shows and movies, including the recent hit Netflix series, YOU. But what you may not know is that she is a successful entrepreneur who just launched her new “women-empowerment” jewelry collection under her own name that has become a top-selling item across the nation.

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“Whether it was the limitations of my environment, financial hardships, beating cancer, or fighting against the glass ceiling, I simply refuse to become a victim of circumstance.” – Desiree Reavis | Serial Entrepreneur